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NinjaEssays Review


NinjaEssays’ first impression is a mix of both anonymity and professionalism, while also appearing a little amateurish in its presentation. It is not immediately easy to understand and navigate, but once you do, it is an average essay writing site that claims to provide everything a student would need, with the guaranteed level of anonymity. However, the crowded and unclear information on the site is misleading and lacks the transparency and sense of security of other essay writing sites.

NinjaEssays WRITERS

NinjaEssays claims that all of their writers have at least a MA degree or above, with many of their writers holding PHDs or even teaching at the university level. If this is the case, the quality of the writers is extremely high, however the lack of transparency and support of these claims on the site, put the quality of the writers into question.

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NinjaEssays PRICES

NinjaEssays has a unique pricing system, and is considerably more expensive than any other essay writing site, with the lowest price starting at $16.99. This is very surprising as it is not clear what you get extra for the high price over other sites.

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NinjaEssays has a mix of pros and cons largely because it is difficult to tell how accurate the information they provide is. Below is an overview of NinjaEssays by looking at its pros and cons.


PROS & CONS of NinjaEssays

The claimed quality of writers is very high

If the quality of the writers is as high as NinjaEssays claims, being that all the writers have MA degrees or higher, then the quality of writers is very high and higher than most other sites.

Friendly and funny approach

The site looks very different from most essay writing sites as it embraces the friendly and funny approach. Their logo is a cartoon ninja and they embrace the ‘ninja’ approach throughout their site.

Great satisfaction guarantee

NinjaEssays has a very in depth satisfaction guarantee. The site guarantees satisfaction with the paper, and if you are not they allow free unlimited revisions until fully satisfied. And if you are completely unhappy with the essay, you can get a full refund within three days of receiving the paper.

A number of discounts available

NinjaEssays does have a number of discounts available for first time users and if you buy a package deal.

Very high prices

The prices on NinjaEssays are much higher than most essay writing sites which can be quite off putting to students struggling with budgets. Though they offer discounts, I don’t believe they are enough to counteract the high original prices.

AUnclear quality of writers

Though the site claims that all of their writers are of the highest quality, there is no way to actually check whether they are or not. There are no examples of writer profiles, or past work, making one feel unsure as to whether you are really getting as good a deal or as high quality a writer as NinjaEssays claims you are.

Lack of transparency

There is no recent feedback from real users on the site. The only feedback available is a screenshot on the homepage, and there is no way of telling whether these are genuine or not. The whole site sometimes feels like they are not being completely transparent about their quality and services, which can be quite worrying. Though it is possible this is part of stressing the anonymity.


Overall, it feels like NinjaEssays could potentially be a very good essay writing site, but there is not enough available to make me feel confident that I am getting real and quality work. The prices are also much higher than most students would want to pay, especially when also dealing with the lack of transparency. Of course, this is only my personal impression of the site. Compared to, my personal favorite essay writing site and a site I recommend to other students, NinjaEssays does not deliver the same standard of work and security.

overal score
    • Pricing4/10
    • Customer Feedback5/10
    • Writers4/10
    • Quality5/10
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