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Finding essay writing assistance online can be a difficult task. Several companies claim to have the top writers in their respective industries, but it is hard to know who is telling the truth. Many even pay for positive reviews on external websites, further complicating the decision-making process of a potential client. Thankfully, there are some honest reviewers out there who will give their fair and impartial assessment of the work. When you purchase and essay online, you need to be sure that you are getting enough quality for the price. After all, anyone can write a C- paper; this is not why we use these services. High school, college, and graduate students need papers that will yield at least a B, or else they may as well complete it themselves.

Easy Essay Writer

If all you need is a short, one-page essay in a month’s time, most any online writing service will do. In most cases, however, it is not the easy essays that are given to a writing service. It is usually the custom assignments or the difficult research papers that get outsourced to these online writing centers. This does not mean that some websites are not easier to navigate than others. In this business, problems are a regular occurrence. Whether a writer makes a mistake or you just need some assurance on your account, dialogue must be made easy. Websites that make you write an email and wait for a response, even with a past due paper, are the ones you would do best to avoid.

What to Look for in a Service:

  • A money back guarantee
  • Helpful and easily accessible customer service
  • Writer profiles
  • Honest and trustworthy feedback
  • Some sort of discount or coupon
  • Native English speakers

College Essay Writer Assistance

College essays are often the most difficult essays to write and therefore require a writer with exceptional reviews. If you pay for a professional writer to assist you, it is difficult to determine whether or not you are getting your money’s worth until your paper is turned in and graded. College students are not traditionally the most affluent members of society, so when they hire someone they need to be the best. Native English speakers and writers with persuasive tones are highly coveted and most writing services don’t have them. This is why reviews need to be considered before a commitment is made.

My Essay Writer Suggestion

While many services claim to have five-star writers on the payroll, many employ writers from around the globe with only a basic grasp of the English language. Some of these sites require you to buy the essay blindly, with no prior knowledge of the writer’s ability or any of their previous work. When a sample is offered, it is usually hiding behind a $5 (or more) payment window. If you do not have the funds at your disposal, then you will most likely be taking a leap of faith when purchasing an essay from one of these sites. The reviews on this site cover many of the top essay writing services, but in my opinion, one of the best is It has phenomenal reviews and even offers a free quote before you sign up. Most of the other services require the user to fill out a registration form before any price estimate is given. This website also contains writer profiles, and the system involves writers placing bids on specific projects. This means that the user has more freedom in choosing the writer who fits their needs.